Wild garlic pesto with kelp cucumber noodles (raw, vegan)

This is my take on pesto.


Ingredients (I use only or mostly organic, raw ingredients):

half of cucumber

kelp noodles


one third cup hemp seeds

handful of macadamia nuts

a quarter of avocado or more

small kohlrabi

handful of wild garlic leaves

small handful of fresh balsamic

himalayan pink salt

fresh ground black pepper

pine nuts for decoration



If you are new to kelp noodles, this is how they are used: wash them under running water and let them soak for 15 min or longer (you can find instructions to add some lemon and salt in the water, I don’t do that because I didn’t find any difference between kelp noodles soaked only in water and those soaked in water with salt and lemon). Sometimes I let them soak overnight. (I find one packet of kelp noodles is usually enough for two meals.

Spiralise the cucumber into noodles. Sometimes I peel the cucumber, so that it is softer. I put the peel and the middle of the cucumber that was left after spiralising it into the blender together with all the other ingredients.

Blend all the ingredients and toss with cucumber and kelp noodles. Sprinkle with pine nuts.

And enjoy

And let me know how  you liked it




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