Why do I post my meal plans?

This is a category for those of you who are completely new to this lifestyle and are wondering what do raw vegans eat on a daily basis and perhaps for those of you who think that raw vegans eat only grass… πŸ™‚ No, I’m kidding, this is for those who’d like to change their eating habits to eat a healthier diet and eliminate processed foods but can’t imagine how to do it and what to eat.

But as I am not representing the whole raw vegan world here, this is rather about my style of eating. By no means do I want you to follow exactly what I do or eat, these are just inspirations, ideas that can show you what is possible.

I am not going to post my meal plans every day, because I happen to have periods of time when I eat the same things every day. I can make the same smoothies or juices each day until I get saturated by some ingredient in them and my body tells me to switch to some other foods that have the exact nutrition that my body needs right at that time. In the evenings, sometimes I can eat my raw breads for months with small pauses when I do some raw vegan pasta or sushi.

There are days when I eat quite little, just some juice and fruits. Other days, I eat more fat meals. Almost every day I have some greens either in my juice or smoothie or both. I do not eat seasonally, as living in Belgium, I would eat only apples and carrots probably inΒ  winter and I think my style of eating does less harm to the planet than eating meat for example.. I do eat whatever I want if I feel like it, I eat sometimes lots of raw vegan chocolate and I never eat for breakfast. πŸ™‚

I hope my meal plans will inspire you.


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