What is raw food for me?

It is my style of eating. It is eating what I want, and when I want it. I dropped some heavy paradigms about food, about eating at certain times or having to eat breakfast or lunch for example or having to eat with family… I don’t believe anymore in any scientific recommendations, tabs, statistics, or raw food gurus, on the contrary, I started to believe my body. Eating what I love and when I am hungry or when I feel like having some good treat feels so liberating. Not having to eat for breakfast or even not having to eat at all when I feel like it gives me freedom and it connects me slowly to myself, to my body. I am listening to what my body tells me and it is not the addictions to food. No, I don’t say that I am not addicted to food anymore, but going raw helped me so much with my food addictions, with eating in between the meals (I don’t do that anymore), and with putting food down from the pedestal. Food is not so important as before. I still love my gourmet creations or even smoothies and juices, but it’s different than before when I had been thinking the whole day about food ….

This lifestyle means for me creating with passion new recipes and then eating those heavenly creations (well, not always so heavenly….there are things that go straight to the bin) and feeling full of energy… Raw food is not about limitations, or restrictions, forbidding, at least not for me. As many people imagine it that way, thinking that raw vegans eat only salads, or only grass… On the contrary, it is about me enjoying the abundance of the Earth’s gifts, about creating new dishes whether inspired by cooked cuisine or not. I love it so much, I love so much the energy that I am abundant of since being raw vegan. I can eat whatever I want. But honestly, I’m not tempted by cooked foods any longer. But sometimes I taste something cooked I haven’t eaten for a long time only to find out that I don’t like it that much as before. I love the life in my raw foods.


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