three layer brownies (raw, vegan)

This raw vegan cake was invented as I went along. It was a spontaneous idea and I didn’t have time to weigh the ingredients (which I never do in any case). Maybe it’s not ideal not to provide exact quantities for people who are new to the raw food gourmet world, but with raw vegan cakes you can’t go wrong. Well, hardly ever! (There could be a small problem with other sorts of cakes that are made with coconut oil or other ingredients that hold it together, but that is not the case here) . If you taste it step by step, so that it is not too sweet and it tastes how you want it to, you cannot fail. But I promise I’ll do my best to provide quantities for the next recipes.




I use only raw organic ingredients in all my recipes.

the dark layer is a typical brownie:


soft dates

cocoa powder

vanilla powder

white layer:


1 banana

3 Tbs cocoa butter (it gives more chocolate taste and holds the layer together)

sweetener of your choice (I used raw honey, organic, that is not vegan, I know 🙂 ), you can use agave nectar or maple syrup (this is not raw) or coconut nectar or dates

chocolate layer:

I made the chocolate layer not very sweet because the previous layers seemed to me to be very sweet.

cocoa paste

cocoa butter

coconut nectar

fruit leather


the dark layer: In the foodprocessor, fitted with the S blade, grind down the walnuts to a crumble and add the remaining ingredients. If you don’t have soft dates, you should soak them for up to 30 min or so before using them (but do not put the soaking water into the mixture). Process the mixture until it sticks together (and a ball forms inside the food processor spinning around). Adjust it for sweetness. Take the dark layer out of the food processor and shape it into a rectangle 2 cm thick. Put it into the fridge while you prepare the next layer.

the white layer: Shred the cocoa butter and blend it together with the cashews and banana. You can as well cut the cocoa butter into small pieces and melt them in a Bain Marie* before adding it to the blender (if you don’t have a high speed blender). Pour in the sweetener of your choice. If you want the layer to stay white, you should use a light sweetener. And blend it for the last time.


Take the dark layer out of the fridge. If you want to, you can now put a fruit leather or even two on it but you should measure the dimensions of the cake and cut the fruit leather according to them. Then sread on the cashew layer. Cut the cake into squares or into whatever shape you like using a very sharp knife (the fruit leathers will be a bit difficult to cut, maybe you can wait half an hour till they get softer and then cut the cake). The fruit leather will not stick well to the dark layer, therefore I turned the white layer upside down after cutting the cake so that the fruit leather was on the top.

Now it’s time to prepare the chocolate. Put the cakes on a tray and make room in the fridge for it. You can either buy your preferred raw chocolate and melt it down or melt down the cocoa butter together with the cocoa paste in a baine marie. Add the sweetener adjusting its amount according to the sweetness of your cake (honey doesn’t work well with chocolate, I prefer a raw coconut nectar) and stir it continuously even when pouring it on your brownies. Let it sit in the fridge for a few minutes until the cholate gets hard.

* working with raw chocolate can be quite messy. When you want it to stay raw, you should melt it in a bain marie. Cut the cocoa butter and, if you have it, the cocoa paste into small pieces, big pieces will take a long time to melt. (If you don’t have the cocoa paste, you must add cocoa powder to make dark chocolate). Warm a pot of water. Put the pieces of cocoa butter and cocoa paste into a jar or a metal bowl and place it into the pot of hot water. You don’t want the water to boil, otherwise you can say bye-bye to your raw chocolate enzymes. You can check the temperature of the water with a thermometer. It should not be more than 55°. To preserve the chocolate raw, its temperature shouln’t exceed 42°. If the water is too hot, take  it off the cooker. When the cocoa butter is melted, mix in the sweetener.

Another great method to deal with cocoa butter and cocoa paste is to shred them in the food processor or by hand and store it until you need to use it in an air-tight container. If you have a high speed blender, you can use it directly to blend into a cheesecake batter (if you make some other time), otherwise you can melt it down. It will melt down faster than  if you had cut it.

** Remember, the fruit leather is optional, and maybe for a beginner, it is easier not to use it.


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