Spring Smoothie

I was looking forward to spring and its wild herbs almost the whole winter. Now I enjoy them in my green smoothies every day. I have some in my garden, but not so much that I could make smoothies of them every day, therefore I go to the nearby forest or wild spaces to collect them. They are so nutritious and delicious. My body feels so nice after drinking them in my smoothie.


Wild herbs have more vitamins and minerals than the typical garden greens. But one has to know them so that they are not mistaken for poisonous plants.

For this smoothie I used stinging nettles (urtica dioica) and wild garlic (ramsons, allium ursinum). The smoothie with only stinging nettles is my favourite. And the second best right now is the combination of these two wild plants. Stinging nettle is a great plant packed with calcium, zinc, silica and sulphur and many other minerals that are great for bones for example. Wild garlic is magnesium and manganese rich among others.

I always use orange juice for my smoothies. Why I don’t use water? Because I like it this way much better. Somehow, I don’t want to mix my fruits with water. I think the water from fruit is much better for my body. Anyhow I don’t drink bottled or tap water either.

For this smoothie I used:


1 small banana

handful of nettles

big handful of wild garlic

The preparation is very quick and easy, you will just need a high-speed blender if you want the result to be as smooth as possible. But I’d rather make it with any blender than not  make it at all. Your body will sing and dance from the nice energy from these plants.

I juiced oranges so that I had some 7 dl of orange juice. Then I put all ingredients into the Vitamix blender and blended it for a minute or less.You can use more bananas, or an apple or any other fruit too.

BTW, I use only or mostly organic ingredients.

You can leave a comment and tell me how did you like it.



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