Raw vegan sushi

Today we went to the nearby wood to enjoy the sunny weather and were so happy to find it flowering. P1080241

But you came here for the sushi. Raw vegan sushi can be made with different “rice” substitutes such as jicama, sunflower seeds, kohlrabi, maybe daikon… and cauliflower. You can experiment and create many variations of them.


2 raw sushi rolls

small cauliflower

1 – 2 handfuls truly raw cashews

half tsp mustard seeds or less if you don’t want it to be hot


bell pepper





I used mustard seeds that I had previously soaked in apple cider vinegar for two days, rinsed and dried.

Blend cashews with mustard seeds in a food processor or blender to small pieces. Add cauliflower florets from approximately half of the cauliflower and blend until you get the “rice” consistency or as you can see in the picture below.


Spread one half of the mixture on a half of the nori sheet, place the filling ingredients on it and roll it tightly with the help of a rolling mat if you own one. I don’t have such a thing and can roll it well, too. Use the other half to make the second roll.

Cut the rolls with a sharp knife and serve with Tamari sauce.



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