Poppy seed strudel (raw vegan)


I love poppy seeds. They are very typical for Eastern Europe sweet treats. So I often prepare myself treats with them, usually pancakes or poppy balls. This recipe is so easy, you will need, however, to think of it a day beforehand to prepare a fruit leather.


I never use exact measurements. So I can’t provide them to you. Furthermore, I’d like to invite you to create your own, personalised, versions of my recipes. Often, in the beginning of my raw food journey, I tried to create the recipes exactly as they were provided, and almost every time I was dissapointed. The results were too sweet or not my cup of tea at all. Therefore I started to do things my way and moreover, to listen to my taste preferences. So I always adjust recipes I find according to my taste. I change nuts for my preferred nuts or don’t use some ingredients at all. So please don’t be discouraged when you don’t see exact measurements, just play with the food and have fun.

Ingredients for fruit leathers:



plums (I used a small amount of frozen plums)

Plums and apples go somehow together with poppy seeds for me. You can make a completely different fruit leather, you can use only bananas, or only apples or whatever fruit you like.


Put the banana and plums in a blender and blend until smooth. Then grate the apple onto a plate and put it into the banana-plum mixture and mix with a spatula. Then pour the puree on the dehydrator sheet or a parchment paper (I use an organic parchment paper) and spread it evenly. One banana and one big apple and a a few plums made 1 and a half sheets of Sedona dehydrator trays. I dehydrated them at 42° for maybe 8 to 9 hours.

Ingredients for filling:

Poppy seeds (soaked for a night and dehydrated)

Sweetener of your choice (agave or maple syrup or coconut sweetener)

ground cinnamon

Fresh or thawed fruit


Grind 4 – 5 Tablespoons of poppy seeds in a coffee grinder and mix it with a sweetener in a bowl to your taste. Add some cinnamon. You can add some grated apple into the mixture or whatever fruit you like. Even some dried rasins would be great. Or sour cherries – I think it’s the best combination with poppies.

And now spread it on the fruit leather, on the smaller one. Make a roll. If you want to make rolls from the bigger fruit leather, you should use a double amount of poppy seeds.



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