Poppy seed cheezecake (raw, vegan, gluten-free)

Oh my, this wonderful raw vegan poppy cake was so delicious and satisfying that I want you to try it. As my family have quite demanding tastes it was so good to see them licking their lips over these. As it was the elderflower season in Slovakia (where I spent the last two weeks) I used elder flowers a lot to make elderflower lemonades, smoothies and of course in this raw cake also. Except for the flowers and berries, all the other parts of this beautiful plant  (stems, leaves and roots) are poisonous, so use only these small white flowers or you can omit them of course.

raw vegan poppy seed cake
raw vegan poppy seed cake

Ingredients (raw and organic):



medjool dates

the poppy seed layer:


juice of lemon

elder flowers

sweetener of your choice (agave nectar, maple syrup, dates etc.)

ground poppy seeds


cocoa butter (cocoa butter holds the cake together, if you don’t have it, use the coconut oil or Irish moss or psyllium husks, the taste will be different of course)

filtered water

violet layer (optional):

the same as the poppy seed layer except poppy seeds

plus strawberries

freeze dried berries (for the colour)

more sweetener (if strawberries are not sweet enough)



In the food processor fitted with the S blade, blend walnuts to crumble and then add dates and blend. Check for the sweetness and if necessary add some more dates. Blend until the batter holds together. Put the mixture in a springform and press it down well so that it holds together and put it in the fridge.

In your high speed blender, combine cashews with the juice of lemon, the sweetener, elder flowers. Grate your cocoa butter or let it melt in a Bain Marie and blend together with the cashew mixture. If you are going to make the violet layer as well, divide the mixture into two parts. You can take half of the mixture out and add the ground poppy seeds and some water in the remainder mixture and adjust to your taste. The batter should be creamy and runny. You don’t want a very thick mixture. Add water little by little so that it is not too watery either.

For the strawberry layer, blend the other part with strawberries, add more cocoa butter, and sweetener. I used freeze dried berries for more taste and to add some colour. But you don’t need them.

Take the base out of the fridge and spread the poppy layer first and then you can spread the strawberry layer afterwards, my layers were of a consistency that meant that I didn’t have to put the cake into the fridge before putting on the second layer.

I left the cake in the fridge overnight.

And when the next day came… you can imagine…

Enjoy those blissful moments and pure delight when eating this heavenly raw vegan cake.


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