Nettle and Dandelion Smoothie (raw vegan)

I am so passionate about wild plants now in the spring. I use them for smoothies mostly. I so love the gentle nurturing energy coming from them. Today, I made myself a smoothie from stinging nettles and dandelion flowers and stems. I picked them in my garden but I left some flowers also for bees. 🙂


I love experimenting therefore I added some secret ingredients. The result was great. If you are in the beginning of your green smoothie journey, you can start with small amounts of greens and add more fruit. Later you will be able to change the ratio of greens and fruits if you want.

To this smoothie I added some secret ingredients, so that they are even more powerful.


stinging nettles

dandelion flowers with stems

avocado pit cut into pieces

a small piece of organic orange skin

2 small wild bananas (apple bananas)

oranges, juice from


Put all ingredients in the high-speed blender and blend until smooth. My Vitamix needs less than one minute to make the smoothiest of the smoothies. 🙂

And enjoy all the energy and sun from your wild plants


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