My version of the best green juice ever

I used another “bad” weed, really, this bad boy is hated by all gardeners. Moreover, those who are new to raw veganism will now think that they have a proof of their theories that people on a raw food diet, or simply vegans in general, eat only grass. Yes I’ve heard this argument so often. Ok, so now I will please you. Though, I normally don’t eat grass on a daily basis. But maybe I will start after todays yummy juice.

So, today, when I was on the hunt for young stinging nettles (it wasn’t a real hunt though, I was enjoying the sunny weather) I had this great idea to make a special juice out of grass….. couch grass. You can call it enlightment. 🙂

And oh my, it tasted heavenly. Maybe not because of the couch grass… but the two other ingredients made it taste so good. The couch grass filled it with so much vitamins and minerals and proteins that you can call it a superfood juice.


So why do I think that couch grass is a superfood?

Many people think that raw food lifestyle can be demanding on their purse. It can be, if you think that you must buy special superfoods to have enough minerals and proteins, like these superfood powders as wheat grass or barley juice powder.

Wheat grass. What is so special about it? More special than any wild plant? I think that it is just grass. Business grass. I feel that for me it is better to pick some organic wild plants or weeds and use them fresh. Besides, they are for free. And the juice made with them tastes better. Ok, when you don’t have a garden or some woods behind your house, it can be time consuming to go for a walk somewhere and pick them. But I started to enjoy walks in the countryside, and what’s more, they can be so harmonising and peace giving. They can give you so many benefits.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against raw superfoods. I find it great that there is such an abundance of all these powders promising us health and beauty. I do have at home raw wheat grass juice powder and some other powders, and I use them for travelling or when I don’t want to mess with my juicer and want the benefits of green juice immediately.


a pineapple

couch grass



Make a juice in your juicer and enjoy the great taste, I promise, it is fantastic.


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