marinated broccoli with sauerkraut (raw, vegan)

This dish is awesome. You can eat it just like it is, or with some raw vegan crackers, bread, pasta or anyhting else. If you haven’t eaten marinated broccoli paired with red sauerkraut, it’s high time you tried it. I love this combination. Don’t be put off by reading the word broccoli, you hardly even know you’re eating it after it’s been sitting in the marinade for a day. But if you really can’t stomach this super healthy veggie high in Vitamin A and C, Omega 3 fats, Calcium, folic acid and proteins, use this marinade for any other veggie you fancy.



1,5 Cup broccoli florets

red sauerkraut



2 Tbs Tamari

2 heaped Tbs almond butter

2 Tbs nutritional yeast

2 Tbsp filtered water (or more)

few drops juiced lemon

spices (I used feta spices, you can use whatever spices you like)

garlic (optional, I didn’t use it, but I can imagine that it can be a good option)



Cut broccoli into small pieces.

In a bowl combine all ingredients for marinade and toss with the broccoli. Let it sit for at least a few hours on your kitchen countertop. I let it marinate for 24 hours in the refridgerator. If you like it warm, heat it in your dehydrator for 2 hours before eating. Combine it with homemade red sauerkraut, it will send the broccoli onto another level. I served it with raw vegan bread and sour cream zucchini chips.

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