Lentil crackers (raw, vegan, glutenfree)

Lentil foods were my favourite when I was a child. And once in a while I get lentil cravings and so I experiment with them. This time I wanted to make delicately flavoured sprouted lentil wraps without much spices and overcombined tastes. Hm, it didn’t came out as wraps, but rather as crackers. Very good crackers, that I used later as a “party snack” even though I didn’t throw a party, but like many people, I love it when my dishes not only taste good but also look good.

raw vegan lentil snack
raw vegan lentil snack

Ingredients (raw and organic):

10 Tbs sprouted lentils

10 Tbs activated sunflower seeds (activated means that they had been previously soaked for a night)

1/4 of  big kohlrabi

juice from half lemon

1 Tbs nutritional yeast

1 Tbs dried onion flakes

white peppers

black peppers

psyllium husks (or flax seeds)

mustard seeds (previously soaked in apple cider vinegar for a day or two) (optional)

garlic (optional)

Blend all the ingredients apart from psyllium husks to a smooth consistency. Add water little by little so that the batter moves freely in the blender. At the end add the psyllium husks (some 4 – 5 Tbs) and blend.

Spread the batter on teflon sheets of your dehydrator or on a parchment paper and dehydrate for maybe 8 – 10 hours at 42°. The dehydration time will vary according to how much water you put into the batter as well as according to the dehydrator.

Here is another idea for serving the sprouted lentil crackers as a sandwich. I made a kind of pesto to fill it together with radishes and cucumbers. It tastes so yummy.

raw vegan lentil sandwich
raw vegan lentil sandwich




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