kale chips

I love kale chips. I love love love them. They are such a great snack when you want to eat raw and vegan and savoury food and eat your greens as well!. I tried many recipes and this one is the best for me.

In Belgium, it is very easy to find kale, curly kale or dinosaur (tuscan) kale. If you can’t find it, you can make spinach chips instead.

this is the last kale from my garden this winter


a bunch of kale


1 cup truly raw cashews (natural cashews you find in shops are never raw)

1 red bell pepper

a small onion

dried onion (unless you make your own, it’s not raw)

half lemon, juice of

1 – 2 Tbs apple cider vinegar, unpasteurised

white peppers

himalayan salt

filtered water if necessary




Wash your kale or spinach and let it dry out (you can use a towel). Tear the kale into small pieces.

Mix all ingredients for sauce except onion in a blender, add onion just before finishing (so that it doesn’t get bitter) and mix well. Pour in some water if needed.

Coat your kale pieces well in the sauce, put on the dehydrator sheets and let dehydrate at 42°. The dehydration time depends also on which kale you use. The curly one will take the longest – maybe even 16 hours.

Enjoy your snack, you deserve it!

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  1. Eva says:

    Jeeee Maria, teď máme zrovna kale chipsovou vlnu tak se s radostí nechávám inspirovat. Díky za sdílení úžasného receptu a těším se na mnoho dalších!

    1. jasom_maria says:

      Evi, inšpirovať takú hviezdnu raw kuchárku je úžasné. 🙂 AJ ty si moja inšpirácia, milujem tvoje šaláty. Prajem ti rozžiarený deň.

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