I Am Love kale chips

These raw vegan kale chips taste amazing. However, I can’t say what they taste like because the flavour was something new to me and there was nothing from the ingredients that would give it a dominating flavour. Hence the name. They were made with love as always, of course and made such a perfect snack for my family.

kale chips

Sorry for not giving exact amounts again, for these chips were made very spontaneously. Still, this can serve as an inspiration.

the kale from my parents’ garden

Ingredients (raw and organic):

a bunch of dinosaure or curly or any other leafy kale (you can use spinach or thin courgette slices)




Brazil nuts

coconut vinegar

apple cider vinegar

a big tomato or several cherry tomatoes


black peppers

fresh dill

himalayan salt

filtered water (add slowly little at a time, you should create a creamy consistency)


Wash your kale and tear it to smaller pieces and let it dry a bit. Blend all the ingredients together in a powerful blender, empty into a bowl, and work the mixture with your hands into the kale. Put the kale onto the dehydrator sheets and let dehydrate for 8 to 12 hours at 42°. Enjoy these blissful moments when eating such a healthy and heavenly raw vegan wonderful snack.


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