Sour cream and oyster mushroom daikon noodles (raw, vegan)

Oh my, another delicious dish that was so satisfying. Although it’s a very easy recipe to “cook” you need to prepare the particular marinated parts of it in advance. The sour cream is to be created at least a day before (24 hours or more) so that the fermentation process gives it the taste of sour cream.



daikon radish (I used 15 cm of it)

kelp noodles (you can omit them and use only daikon or combine it with carrot or cucumber or zucchini pasta)

grated cucumber

red bell pepper

tomatoes if you wish


marinade for daikon radish:

virgin Brazil nut oil (or any other oil you like, I used this one for its high selenium content)

himalayan salt

a few drops of juiced lemon


marinade for oyster mushrooms:

virgin olive oil


lemon, juice of

black peppers

coconut nectar (optional, or another raw sweetener)

feta spices

minced garlic (optional)


sour cream



Make the marinade for the oyster mushrooms a day before, or at least in the morning if you want to eat them for lunch. Oyster mushrooms absorb water when you wash them (I don’t like the taste of watery mushrooms), so either don’t wash them if they are organic or try to dry them before soaking them in the marinade.

Spiralise the daikon into noodles. If you don’t have a spiraliser, you can grate the daikon or use a mandolin. You can marinate the noodles, so that they get softer. I let them soak in the marinade for an hour or two. The longer, the better and softer they will be.

Wash the kelp noodles and let them soak for 15 min in the filtered water. Squeeze out the excess water.

Toss them with the sour cream.

Grate a piece of cucumber, cut a piece of red bell pepper and mix by hand with the daikon noodles, and then with the kelp noodles. Add the marinated mushrooms.

I used a bit of red Sauerkraut, it sent the dish into the next level. Finally, I sprinkled it with Tamari, which gave it a cooked taste and with hemp hearts. My taste buds were singing while eating this gem and I hope yours will be too.

Lots of love to you







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