Cucumber Noodles with Almond Cauliflower Sauce (raw, vegan, glutenfree, dairyfree)

A very simple sauce that goes well with coodles, zoodles and other raw veggie noodles.
I love spiralised cucumbers and daikon radish. Normally, I combine both for a dinner. I never use zucchini because of its consistency which I don’t like. Strange, isn’t it? Which veggies do you prefer with your raw or vegan sauces?

cucumber noodles with almond cauliflower sauce
cucumber noodles with almond cauliflower sauce

No measures, once again. This will be very approximate and I am well aware that your result will differ from my sauce. Unfortunately, I am not able to give you the exact amounts of ingredients I used, but well, on the otherside, you can make it according to your taste buds.
This is not a very creamy sauce, so if you want it more creamy, add more cashews. Oh, and this dressing is the best right after you prepare it, the next day it wasn’t as good as the first day. Dressings made with cashews are normally better on the next day but this one changes the taste and the cauliflower was really heavily present.


2 – 3 handfulls almonds(soaked previously, blanched manually and dried)
cauliflower – 4 – 5 small florets
5 cashews for creaminess
dried tomatoes (around 3 – 4 halves)
mustard seeds (previously soaked in apple cider vinegar for 12 hours and dried)
onion (small piece)
some water (you can put instead water tomatoes)
dried onion powder /optional
spicies if needed
lil’bit of juiced lemon if needed

Blend all the ingredients and serve on top of your preferred veggie noodles.

Blessings dear people.

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