mint smoothie

This smoothie was by far one of the best lately. And I already know what I am going to have first thing tomorrow morning again. The mint smoothie 🙂 Ingredients: handful mint leaves big handful ground elder 4 dandelion flowers with stems apple juiced oranges and one grapefruit (some 8 dl) Second version: nettles mint…

My version of the best green juice ever

I used another “bad” weed, really, this bad boy is hated by all gardeners. Moreover, those who are new to raw veganism will now think that they have a proof of their theories that people on a raw food diet, or simply vegans in general, eat only grass. Yes I’ve heard this argument so often….

Beetroot Smoothie

Oh my, this one is wonderful. And so easy to make. It took less than 5 minutes. Ingredients: small beetroot Apple Juiced oranges 1,5 cm turmeric Put all the ingredients in the blender and blend well. And enjoy the beautiful red colour and the great taste!

Raw Vegan Ground Elder Smoothie

I didn’t know the name of this plant in English. So I looked it up on the Internet and found out its name. I always check what I find so I wrote it in the search engine. And I had to laugh out loud. Not because of the name, but because all the headers were…

Nettle and Dandelion Smoothie (raw vegan)

I am so passionate about wild plants now in the spring. I use them for smoothies mostly. I so love the gentle nurturing energy coming from them. Today, I made myself a smoothie from stinging nettles and dandelion flowers and stems. I picked them in my garden but I left some flowers also for bees….

Spring Smoothie

I was looking forward to spring and its wild herbs almost the whole winter. Now I enjoy them in my green smoothies every day. I have some in my garden, but not so much that I could make smoothies of them every day, therefore I go to the nearby forest or wild spaces to collect…