banana blackberry crumpets (raw and vegan)

Ok these are not real crumpets as there is no flour, no sugar, they don’t even look the same, but I am not going to invent new names here for my recipes. These are simple banana blackberry fruit leathers that are thicker than the usual fruit leathers and they are a great snack for travelling and for children as well (and for me). I always have to have them at home for my son. He loves them best made only of bananas but I make them also with blueberries or vanilla, cocoa powder or even poppy seeds (and those are fantastic!). I have to make them always for my mother when I go and visit my family. She enjoys them so much and I’m so happy that people find them tasty.


You could make them, of course, more complicated and more similar to normal crumpets by adding ground flax seeds, maybe some buckwheat flour and psyllium, but we prefer them as simple as possible. You are going to need a dehydrator or you can make them in the oven at the lowest temperature with the door slightly open (you have to check on them quite often because even the lowest temperature in the oven can mean the food is no longer raw and the crumpets could start to bake).


ripe bananas (you know your bananas are ripe when they develop brown spots, don’t use unripe bananas, the flavour will not be good)

blackberries or another fruit of your choice, you can use frozen fruits and thaw them


Blend the blackberries in a high speed blender so that all those little seeds are blended well. If you don’t have a powerful blender you can blend them and pass them through a sieve. You can blend them with 1 or 2 bananas (to help retain the colour after dehydrating*). Pour the mixture into a jar and now blend the bananas on the lowest speed so that the mixture consists of many small pieces of banana.

On the dehydrator sheet or parchment paper form circles (4 to 5 on each sheet or smaller …) of banana mixture, they should be 3 – 4 mm thick and now take the beautiful purple blackberry mixture and pour it in small amounts onto the banana circles (with a spoon or a piston cake decorator) and draw whatever pictures you or your child likes on them. You can invite your child to help you 🙂 They will love it.

* if you blend only blackberries, the mixture will not be very sweet (depends on your blackberries) and will be rather black after dehydrating. If you blend them with some bananas, the beautiful purple colour will be maintained.

Enjoy and let me know how you liked them

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