I started my day with my usual glass of water with a juiced lemon.

For lunch I made a smoothie from nettles, 1 small banana, 1 apple and oranges and clementines juiced by me – around 1 l.


around 6 PM I had 1 l pineapple and couch grass juice , it was so good that I had to repeat it today

For dinner I made a cashew sour cream noodle dish. Before I went raw I used to love  sour cream on a typical Slovak pasta “slíže” or spread on bread and so I was wondering how the cashew sour cream would taste with kelp noodles. Kelp noodles taste to me very much like spaghetti, and they went well together with my cashew sour cream sauce. However, it was already night when I made this recipe, so I don’t have a quality picture of it. I will have to re-create the recipe 🙂 and take a nicer picture for you.



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